Mascot for #DevilDiss

Mascot for #DevilDiss
Mascot for #DevilDiss

Saturday, April 25, 2015

#DevilDiss Milton Chapter Update 25 April

We're heading into the last week of classes, and then there's just finals (which I neither have nor give).
My Old English paper is finished, and I've put those pieces into the #DevilDiss. Google Docs is being weird, and not copying and pasting the footnotes, which is stupid busy work I'll have to redo. But I feel good about it. But I have a couple of dissertation issues I'm not sure what the answer is.

Now that the dissertation is really taking shape, I've added the subtopics to the Table of Contents.
This has helped me see how all the pieces fit, but also the larger through lines.

  • The Milton chapter, the culminating chapter is giving me trouble. I'm at thirty pages. And that's mostly my argument. I still have secondary sources, mostly footnotes and little bits. But, here's the problem. These are my stacks of secondary research. I've read it. I've annotated it. But there's just SO MUCH. And a lot of it doesn't have anything to do with my research and argument. So I'm drowning a bit in the scholarship and where to start.

  • I posted both a conference draft, and a full draft as is but haven't gotten any feedback, so no help there. I present on it Tuesday, so we'll see what I get there, and that gives me less than a week to finish. 
  • I did choose to write this version as more of an article so my argument is the focus. Then this summer I'll add the framing at the beginning that connects to the other #DevilDiss chapters, and end with how Paradise Regained and Samson Agonistes revisit/illustrate these same issues.
  •  But still feeling a little paralyzed with the amount of Milton scholarship to address.
  • The second issue has to do with my survey chapters, chapters one and two. Now that it's complete with the Anglo-Saxon additions, chapter one is at sixty-nine pages. Chapter two still needs me to add the secondary scholarship, but is at forty-one pages. That seems excessive. Now, the subtopics help it flow and map out. And I always knew the survey chapters would be much bigger than the rest, but it's a concern.
So. It'll be a busy couple of weeks. In the next week I have to finish the Milton piece, as well as finish my Revising Milton class grading and such. There's a big project in my position as Core Writing Coordinator, but since it's a huge project (moving platform from PB Works to wikispaces) I think it's too big to be done in a week, and either will need to wait until next year if my position is renewed, or be handed off to the next person.
I'm striving to have all this finished this week. Because I still need to write a methodology/introduction how to for my dissertation director to know how to read the survey chapters,  finish adding the secondary scholarship to chapter two, and then give her the intro/how-to and chapters one and two.

I swear I'm taking a week off after the semester. To read non-academic books and sit in the sun.
But I do have final edits for my Twin Peaks article.
I was not awarded summer school classes, which I kind of needed the money of, but the pro is that it frees up my schedule this summer. I'll just be the library courier twice a week to Santa Fe.

Summer Schedule
May- Expand Shakespeare conference paper into Chapter 3: The Dramatic Devil/Absence of Devil in Shakespeare. If time expand Teen Wolf presentation from PCA 2015 into article and submit.
  • Check on status of Baca article sent out in December
June- Research 17th century pamphlets that include the devil, write Chapter 4.
July- Revise Milton chapter (5) for #DevilDiss
  • Check on status of American Gothic and Folklore article sent out in February
August- Revise prospectus into introduction. Write conclusion. Update job market materials. Send CH 3-5 plus intro and conclusion to dissertation director. Get CH 1 and 2 back with revision notes

Throughout summer get head start on Beowulf for independent study that is the last degree requirement other than the dissertation. This is also will free me up at the beginning of Fall semester to focus on job applications
So, any advice for my issues (and yes realize that opens up HUGE door).
But since this is pretty much how I feel at this point in the semester...

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