Mascot for #DevilDiss

Mascot for #DevilDiss
Mascot for #DevilDiss

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#DevilDiss Pamphlet Chapter Progress 23 June 2015

Last week I was buried in revise and resubmit work for my article on Elfego Baca as Created Folk Hero. I did what I always did, and procrastinated on the revisions because they always seem huge, and then I sit down to work on them, and they go quickly. These edits took longer than usual because I had about thirty books to read to add/cite and that ate up time between reading, and waiting on ILL to get some of the books. But I met my goal on Sunday of ending the week by sending the revision back to the editor, so we'll see.

Part of the reason why I busted my ass last week was because this week I need to get back to #DevilDiss full time. This week I need to finish the analysis of the 16th and 17th century pamphlets. Next week I need to finish writing/drafting the chapter.  And the week after the pamphlet chapter needs to be finished because the remaining weeks of July are dedicated to expanding the Shakespeare conference paper to a a chapter, and then a week of revising my Milton chapter based on my director's notes.

This chapter is very different from the other chapters I've written. The methodology is similar to my Milton chapter with the numbers. For my Milton chapter I looked at the number of times certain words were used in Paradise Lost as a way of focusing my argument on rebellion, revolt, and disobedience as representative of anxieties and fears of the folk as represented by the devil and other figures.
The pamphlet chapter works in similar ways. When I searched EEBO for pamphlets from 1500-1660 that included the devil it returned 201 results. Upon looking at the printed out results (frontispieces and covers only) the number got narrowed down to 179 usable pamphlets.
I chose to only analyze the covers because to a passerby, the cover is what makes the argument, and influences whether or not they read/pick up the pamphlet.
I organized the pamphlets according to subtopic (see below).
I then went through each subtopic and analyzed, made notes on the art and word choice of each cover. 
Then I identified commonalities and patterns. So, the heavy lifting work is done.
Now, I just have to write it all up, which is this week's goal.
Next week's goal is to add the scholarship. I need to find some more scholarship about the state of the Reformation and the Church of England during the 1600s so I can situate the fears/anxieties reflected in these pamphlets, specifically in the use of the devil both as a term and as a figure (in the art).
Then week after final drafting.

Yesterday got derailed a little because when I pulled the pamphlet titles I didn't cite as I went. So I spent about seven hours yesterday having to go back to EEBO and re-look up the citation information, so I could revise and reformat the bibliography. Time consuming, and completely my fault, but has to be done. I only got halfway through, so I need to finish it this afternoon once I'm back from Santa Fe. Then Thursday I start writing out the broad strokes.

I've been good about not working weekends, but had to this past weekend to get the Baca revisions finished.
Looks like I'll be working this weekend as well because there's an essay prize that has a deadline of 30 June so I have some work to do this weekend, but not a lot, it's addressing the revision notes from my director on my Milton chapter.

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