Mascot for #DevilDiss

Mascot for #DevilDiss
Mascot for #DevilDiss

Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Syllabus of Me

I was on Twitter way past my bedtime last night, for not great reasons.
But I am grateful for encountering this tweet:
A friend RTed it.
What an amazing idea. Not for someone to do for their field, although that would be an interesting exercise for scholars to see where they are, to see what were/are foundational texts for them, who their influencers are. I also think that given the latest controversy in medieval studies, as well as Dr Raul Pacheco-Vega @raulpacheco continued calls to examine our syllabus to see if we're being equitable in covering women, POC, other voices. 

But when I first read this initial tweet,  I thought of teachers, of new TAs, and grad students. What an amazing idea for them to do. Not for their field, although I'm sure there'd be some overlap, just for them, as people. I think this might help them "see" who they are, what they value.
The follow up tweets lay out more of what the structure could be (and continues past this...) 
So, here is my #SyllabusOfMe.
I encourage others to do this. I think it has value. Post and link on Twitter, or if you like, I'll curate and link here.

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